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My name is Jeri Lynn Chandler. I’m a gardener, writer, noticer of patterns and correspondences, and sleuth in the employ of the Universe and my own curiosity. I relate to plants and animals more than people and once told myself, in an unguarded moment, that all I cared about was gardens.

... Gardens and Landscape, the Myths and Lore of Plants, Placemaking as Enchantment ...


over the edge of the Eastern Sierras
I grew up wandering the woodlands and wading the creeks near my home in Maryland. Summer vacations were spent along the Atlantic or clamming, crabbing and fishing on Chincoteague Bay. I love the out-of-doors in general and wild places and gardens in particular.

Eventually I migrated to the West Coast to study landscape architecture and now live, garden, crunch the Numbers, and write - about landscape, gardens, sustainability and food - in Northern New Mexico.

I am also a partner at Whitworth and I, a small creative services company that, despite its size, produces big ideas. One of our specialties is concept design and interpretation for museums, parks and other natural areas. Contact us for design, illustration, content and ideas.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. -- Rumi

My professional background includes research, writing, and public information work for the National Park Service, World Wildlife Fund, and Maryland's natural resources department.

I studied biology and photography at the University of Maryland and hold a master's degree in Landscape Architecture from UC Berkeley. I am currently a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) and the National Association for Interpretation (NAI).

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