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Jeri Lynn taking parting shot on the way to Utah.
Parting shot / j. l. chandler

I grew up wandering the woodlands and wading the creeks near my home in Maryland. Summer vacations were spent along the Atlantic or clamming, crabbing and fishing on Chincoteague Bay. I love the out-of-doors in general and wild places and gardens in particular.

 Eventually I migrated to the West Coast to study landscape architecture and now live, garden, crunch the Numbers, and write - about landscape, gardens, sustainability and food - in Northern New Mexico.

My professional background includes research, writing, and public information work for the National Park Service, World Wildlife Fund, and Maryland's Department of Natural Resources. I am also a partner at Whitworth and I, a small creative services company that specializes in concept design and interpretive content for museums, parks and other natural areas.

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Coming or going? On the road to Utah on the backside of the Sierra Nevada mountains.
(Btw, some objects in your mirror are even farther away than you imagine.)