People who know me know I'm somewhat obsessed with Numbers (with a capital N). I may take most of my cues from the world around me -- the clouds and seasons, birds in the garden and rain -- but numerology gives me a read on things on a whole different level.

I owe my love of Numbers to Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker and their book Numerology and The Divine Triangle. I still use my original copy, all dog-eared and yellowed and falling apart.

I have studied numerology for over 30 years and enjoy working up profiles when asked. It’s the patterns and the energetic qualities the Numbers represent that fascinate me. You know, I sometimes even dream in Numbers…

photo credit: green painted pavement, by Michel Porro on unsplash

Numerology Readings

Although I’m a big proponent of DIY numerology, sometimes a reading is just the ticket. If you’re interested in gaining some valuable perspective on your strengths, talents, challenges and patterns, consider a personal numerology reading. I have been working with double-digit numerology for 30 years or so and know from experience that there is much insight to be gained by studying your personal Numbers.

I charge $78.00 for a full 'work-up', which includes your Personal Number profile and the numerological influences in play for you this year.

Questions or comments? Interested in a reading? Contact me!